Many years ago, COPOCO was established as a cooperative organization, with members giving a little of their time to generate a sense of community and personal "investment." COPOCO depends on its members to operate: to hold social events; open, close, and maintain the tennis courts; do basic painting, staining, and landscaping; handle mailings and update our website; keep the facilities clean; and help with a wide variety of special projects.  If we hired out all the work our costs will increase and so will the yearly dues. 

Please help keep COPOCO beautiful!

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Each membership (tennis and or pool) is encouraged to volunteer their time and expertise. At least 2 volunteer hours per COPOCO member family are required during the season and/or during opening and closing scheduled cleanup. If a member family does not wish to volunteer, a $160 Work Fee will be assessed.

Thanks to all who came to our 2018 Spring cleanup -- COPOCO looks great!