Board of Directors

President: Tracey Lesser
Vice President: Bill Quinn
Treasurer: Ross Krutsinger
Secretary: Leeann Doherty
Directors: Deb Leahy
                Cathy Grappone
                Patrick Martinson
                Karen McNamara
                Erica Rix


Many years ago, COPOCO was established as a cooperative organization, with members giving a little of their time to generate a sense of community and personal "investment." COPOCO depends on its members to operate: to hold social events; open, close, and maintain the tennis courts; do basic painting, staining, and landscaping; handle mailings and update our website; keep the facilities clean; and help with a wide variety of special projects.  If we hired out all the work our costs will increase and so will the yearly dues.

Please help keep COPOCO beautiful -- empty full trash cans, change the toilet paper rolls, pick up litter, pull a few weeds -- you get the picture... 

All members are required to do a MINIMUM of TWO hours of volunteer work per season or pay the $160.00 Work Fee.

Committee Chairpersons

Pool: Matt Elliott
Responsible for hiring and supervising lifeguards, supervision of use and operation of pool facilities, dressing / shower rooms, pool deck.

Grounds: Barbara Burr
Responsible for grounds maintenance, grounds-keeping equipment, trash removal, oversight of grounds-keeper.

Buildings: Chris Graham
Responsible for maintenance of buildings, picnic tables, benches. 

Membership: Van Nichols
Responsible for maintaining membership, sustaining and waiting lists, accepting applications, welcoming new members.

Social: Somayeh Kashi
Responsible for planning social events for COPOCO families.

Tennis: Cathy Grappone and Marty Walsh
Responsible for management of all aspects of COPOCO's Tennis operation and activities.